Mark Dorin, President & Director.

Mr. Dorin co-founded COSCO in 1986 to develop and market new ESP products. Dorin worked for Canadian and Libyan Oil Companies as a production and workover supervisor and ESP specialist prior to joining COSCO in 1986 as Vice President in charge of operations, marketing and product development. He co-founded Vortex Microsystems in 1989, which was subsequently sold to Centrilift in 1991; COSCO obtained exclusive rights to sell and manufacture this product for Libya, and the Vortex product leads the world ESP control market to this day. Dorin was named President in 1998, since which time his vision for COSCO as a primary global ESP supplier has driven the Company forward to where it now has the fundamental tools to radically increase market share. Dorin is experienced in:

  • International sales and marketing
  • ESP controls and systems
  • Oilfield production management
  • Sales team management
  • ESP applications engineering
  • Oilfield production engineering

Reuben Friesen, Controller

Since 2001, Mr. Friesen has been manager of COSCO’s administration,
finances, supplier relations, and information technology. Friesen’s strong accounting, management, and computer skills have consistently paid dividends through the system of excellent financial controls that he implemented and manages.

COSCO is also served by several associates who are key to realizing certain critical elements of its business development strategy.


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