COSCO offers a complete line of rugged Electric Feed-through Systems for wellheads used in Electrical Submersible Pump Applications. COSCO connector systems represent the utmost in reliability, simplicity, versatility, and convenience. They are adaptable to any application, onshore or offshore under any condition.


Several different configurations are available to meet any need:

A variety of pigtail cable types and sizes are available to meet any application or service.

The lower connector is the key to the reliability of COSCO Connector Systems. Its unique design eliminates the need for a connection in the annulus, thereby eliminating a weak spot. Corrosion resistant stainless steel is used for the housing and flange of the connector. The electrical conductors are insulated by an inner Viton seal and an external Toron face block. These components work in conjunction to provide superior protection from corrosive wellbore fluids and pressure damage.

The lower connector bolts to the bottom of the tubing hanger by means of a flange. The upper connector bolts into the top of the electrical port located on the tubing hanger. The lower connector bolts into the bottom port in a similar manner. Each connector is secured in place by means of a flange and four bolts. The lower connector pigtail is spliced to the down hole power cable. No special tools are required for installation.

All COSCO connector systems allow a lower profile tree assembly. The side entry system is specifically designed for applications where low tree profiles are critical, such as offshore applications.

COSCO connectors can be installed in most existing wellhead equipment to convert for use with submersible pumps, or to replace other types of electric feed-through systems

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