COSCO ESP controllers and data loggers provide unequalled technology for control and data gathering on wells produced by Electric Submersible Pumps.

All measured parameters can be logged. Competitive devices are limited as to the number of parameters that can be logged or trended.

COSCO Data Loggers allow upgrading of Vortex Motor Controllers so that data from the Vortex and also from other devices such as pressure transducers and down hole sensors may be logged together for meaningful, easy analysis.

Event Logs are utilized to point out events such as starts and stops and their reasons and when data falls outside acceptable windows so that the user may focus on those events rather than searching through raw data to perform analysis.

Data sampling rates are adjustable and data surrounding events is recorded in a circular buffer at much faster sampling rates. This allows the data at the time of events or disturbances to be viewed at faster sampling rates giving greater accuracy and analysis capabilities.

Windows based software programs are used to interface with the Logger and or Controller and to retrieve and convert logged data into various software formats such as Excel. Excel Graphic capabilities including the Graph Wizard may be employed for graphing and analysis of data. COSCO or customer written macros can be utilized to make this process fast, simple and tailored to individual customer requirements. In addition, commonly required graphs such as weekly current data can be immediately generated by the COSCO software package.

Traditional amp chart recorders are no longer required if a COSCO Data Logger is used. Several user interface device options can be employed that generate graphics at the well site if required.

COSCO Data Loggers have provisions to add cards that allow the unit to communicate to a remote or web based host by a variety of communication means such as radio, telephone, satellite radios, CDPD (internet) hardwire, etc. depending on the geographical location, services available and automation requirements of the customer.

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