COSCO gas separators are used in high GOR applications to remove a high percentage of free gas from the production fluid. Gas is vented to the annulus prior to entering the pump, thereby preventing gas lock, cycling and pump cavitations. This also provides a stable motor load, increased production and extended run life.

The rotary gas separator uses centrifugal force to separate the free gas from liquids. The gas/fluid mixture enters the intake ports and moves to the screw type inducer. Here the pressure of the fluid is increased and moved to the centrifuge where the separation occurs. The liquids are forced to the outside of the separator and on to the first pump stage. The lighter gas rises through the flow divider and is vented to the annulus.

For lower GOR applications, a reverse flow separator or standard ported intake section are available.

The separation efficiencies realized vary greatly from application to application due to many variables that affect efficient separation such as: annular intake volume, bubble size, flow rate and gas/liquid ratios etc. However, stable pumping of fluids with gas/liquid ratios of 60% can be achieved in the right conditions.


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