A recognized leader in ESP controls technology, COSCO has a number of motor control products and solutions for fixed and variable speed ESP motor control.

The motor controller monitors motor load, power supply, down hole sensor data, external switch devices, analog instruments, and remote SCADA station commands. The controller protects the system by shutting it down or preventing starts if it is unsafe to operate the system. Alarm set points are field adjustable. Time delays and alarm actions can be configured to accommodate virtually any pump control application or problem.

Standard Motor Controller Features
  • Protection from power supply problems
  • Protection from motor load problems
  • Protection from surface, down hole, and system faults
  • Includes Stall, Short Circuit protection
  • Compatible with standard ESP control wiring circuits allowing easy retrofitting into existing switchgear
  • Remote displays
  • Alarm tracking

    Optional Motor Controller Features

  • Backspin protection
  • Data Logging
  • Down hole sensor interface (multiple brands)
  • Additional inputs/outputs
  • PID loop for variable speed applications
  • Telemetry/SCADA interfaces
  • Graphical Displays


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