COSCO motors are two pole, three phase, squirrel cage induction type and are hand wound. At installation, motors are filled with a highly refined mineral oil that provides dielectric strength and bearing lubrication. Under normal operation, heat is generated in the motor windings. The oil also acts as a thermal pathway, transmitting this undesired heat to the housing where it is dissipated by fluid flow past the motor.

High temperature, high load thrust bearings and high strength shafts are available.

Compare COSCO horsepower per rotor and motor length to competitive designs. COSCO motors are designed to run cooler, the most significant factor affecting motor life.

A special slim line cable, known as a Flat Cable Extension or a  Motor Lead Cable, is used to terminate the cable into the motor pothead. The slim line cable is required where there is limited annular space, for example: between the pump and pump casing.

Motor Series Casing OD 60 Hertz HP 50 Hertz HP
4 1/2"
(114.3 mm)
7.5 to 120
6.3 to 106.3
5 1/2"
(139.7 mm)
10 to 240
8.5 to 200
(177.8 mm)
20 to 600
16.5 to 500
(177.8 mm)
30 to 1200
25 to 1000

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