The COSCO 1500 Volt switchboard is intended for use with small to medium sized motors where surface voltages range from 700 to 1500  volts maximum. Like all COSCO switchboards, it is CSA approved and incorporates the highest quality components. When it comes to motor control, the customer may choose from a variety of options.

COSCO leads the way in ESP switchboard safety and quality.

The low voltage compartment is mounted on the front of the high voltage door and contains the motor controller, indicator lights, selector switch and start button. Oversized compartments are available to house additional components such as SCADA devices. The door is weather sealed and finished with a three point lockable latch.

Switchboard: 1500 Volts / 180 Amp / 800 Hp
Contactor: 180 Amp/ 400 Hp
Disconnect: 1500V / 200 Amp
Power Fuses: 1500V / 150 Amp
LV PT Fuses: 1/10 AMP / 6 Amp
HV PT Fuses: 3@ 6 Amps
Control Transformer: 500 VA ,700-3000 V range
Instrument Transformer: 100 VA ,700-3000 V range
CT Ratios (adjustable): 50:5 100:5 200:5 300:5
Enclosure Dimensions: 71"H X 28"W X 24"D
Weight: 460 Lbs.




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