COSCO Distribution Transformers for Electrical Submersible Pumps

COSCO offers innovative design and quality manufacturing for your transformer requirements. All COSCO transformers are designed, built and tested to Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Standard C2-M1991, which is one of the most stringent standards in the world.

The COSCO Distribution transformer is designed with the following standard equipment:

  • Vacuum oil filled, nitrogen topped, ONAN (Oil Natural, Air Natural cooling)
  • Five-legged shell type magnetic core, to eliminate circulating current within the tank.
  • Exposed bushings (covered bushings are an option), channel iron skid base and lifting lugs.
  • Completely sealed tank design (for longevity), with a bolted cover and side coolers.
  • Off circuit Tap arrangement of up to 25 taps, for accurate secondary voltage
  • Cover to Tank ground
  • Tank Ground Boss with connectors for #6 - 2/0 cable.
  • SS Ground Bar with 9/16" (14) Dia. Hole.
  • Fill and drain holes (1" (25) pipe fitting with SS plug)
  • Drain valve and plug (1" NPS Cast Steel Globe Valve with SS plug)
  • Nitrogen fill point
  • Pressure Relief valve (1/4 " (6) NPT)
  • Oil Temperature Gauge (Maximum indicating type)
  • Oil Level Gauge
  • Bushings with clamp type connector for #6 to 4/0 stranded copper or aluminum cable.
  • Bushing BIL (Basic Impulse Level) specified upon request.
  • Built to CSA C2-M1991 and ANSI Standards.
  • Internationally recognized Quality Control by ISO 9000 (International Standards Organization)
  • Stainless steel name plate
  • Paint coated with White Epoxy


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